Black Birds at Næsby


Rioda © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Worth to mention the mood of those birds around Næsby beach.

I mean, it looks like they are just chilling,

but actually they transmit a weird feeling at

the same time.

A creepy, dreamy vision of some ancient pirate ships  approaching the shore in a cold night.

A Bit Of The Sky With Flowers

Photograph and digital retouching

Rioda © 2015 All Rights Reserved

When a grey place is the natural living environment, moving to some fancier surroundings can be overwhelming.

Everything can look so fake at first.

Most of the time it really is fake.

But there are those few times when it's worth to have a look.

Body Xpressions Over the Sea

& Ruins


Rioda © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Tearing a wall down could symbolize many things.


Ruins still bring memories with them though.

One brick carries a smile. Another one a tear.

Here and there traces of moments already lived.

A Curve On A Moody Sky

Harbour Bridge, Sydney | Australia

Rioda © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Architectural geometry and shapes constantly divide our visual space.

Stiff, solid, heavy structures fight against a volatile, soft, everchanging sky.

Concrete against the clouds. Steel against air.

Freedom  Constrained


Rioda © 2016 All Rights Reserved

I'm surprised in realising how simple it can be to represent freedom and the lack of it.

In this shot, I love the  deep blue of the sea, so representative of being free and natural. The barbed wire intead is simply our everyday life:  a melancolic look at freedom without the real experience of it.

Around Pans  and People


Rioda © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Charming being around people and street artists playing some chilled vibes with their pans.

It's fascinating to see how that soft mellow sound can make itself clear even among the loudest crowd. Obej-Obej Xmas  Market, that type of crowd.  Follow the link if you'are keen for more:

The Other Side

Photograph and digital editing

Rioda © 2015 All Rights Reserved

What do you see when you look at this picture at first? Perhaps a nice sunset over the sea, perhaps a flat skyline with a lonely boat.

Nevertheless there is not a single boat, actually there's not a single drop of water either.

There's just our spirits being so tight to the ocean that we think about it all the time.