Corporate identity & logo

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A real estate agency turning into a loan company? Weird but possible.

And who are you gonna call for a total rebranding and visual renewment?

RIODA, of course ;-)

I Love Milano (Zone11 Milano)

Concept logo

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Simple and familiar-looking logo made for a promotional campaign about the beloved city of Milano and its famous symbol.

19th Street Agency

Corporate logo

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19th Street is a fashion and human resources  agency based in  Milan (Italy).

The logo was the first step towards the complete rebranding of the business identity.

Laboratorio Meccanico

Corporate logo

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Laboratorio Meccanico has been a lively and buzzing garage in downtown Milan, where the most racing and pimped motorbikes used to be taken care of by the skilled owner: Daniele.


Club Charles (Australia)

Clothing logo

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Club Charles is a new born Australian  fashion brand  promoting an easy-going/ not-giving-a-f*** approach to life.

The team behind this project is already known for funding the brand Sydney Cafè Racers

Six Sigma


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Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma is a managerial approach invented in the United States and  taught within some specific courses at the Management Academy of MIP, Politecnico di Milano. The design of the logo recalls the karate belts-based teaching phylosophy of the program.

Clàn Beauté


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A classic and smooth logo matching the essence of a magazine specialized in cosmetic, make-up and fashion.