Heart Empire

Photograph and digital editing

Rioda © 2010 All Rights Reserved

They say that everyone is wearing a mask in social situations.

In my opinion, the duality of human beings is particularly reflected in love relationships.

It's probably when you find a person with whom there's no need for a mask that something good can bloom. 


Untitled in Red Square #1

Markers and paint on wood

Rioda © 2016 All Rights Reserved

Undefined media are generally the most suitable places to host the the birth of new, undefined figures.

In this case a piece of red wood, taken from my childhood bed, brought to life a  bizarre and mysterious face. A futuristic creature or simply a futuristic pile of junk? Hard to... define.


High resolution print

Lynk © 2012 All Rights Reserved

Nature+human body+machine=


But it's spinning 'round and 'round...

Colourful Acrobatic Chaos

Digital Artwork

Rioda © 2017 All Rights Reserved

Is mankind shaping technology or is it the other way around?

Well, after making this painting using only digital tools I must say that I don't know anymore..

It still feels like "my touch" but it's the digitalized version ;-)

How Machines Create Beauty

Pencil on  paper, photo and digital editing

Rioda © 2015 All Rights Reserved

There'll be a time when machines will be able not only to create life, but human beauty itself.

I'm wondering if that will lead to their total control over humanity   or instead the solid base for a peaceful coexistence .

Would you peacefully coexist with someone's able to create a perfect, working and breathing reproduction of yourself?

Veiled Egyptian-looking Rastalady

Markers, acrylics, newspapers on recycled paperboard

Rioda © 2018 All Rights Reserved

 A special person deserves a special present.

What a better occasion than  moving into a new apartment to make a  colourful  new creatition?

And  there you go: a sorta ethnical-looking portrait celebrating all women in the world and their power.     

Afro-Biomechanical Face

Acrylic paint, markers and pencils on canvas

Rioda © 2017 All Rights Reserved

I started this painting with the idea of reproducing a mechanical version of an old Kurt Cobain photo.

Eventually my mind took off and the colour palette is the only thing that vaguely resembles that photo.

Although I'm convinced that there's something in this "afro-mechanial figure" that feels like Kurt.

Is that the hair? Is it that deep look in his eyes?

Charming Biomechanical Figure

Pencil on paper, photo and digital editing

Rioda © 2014 All Rights Reserved

This character must be something coming out of my mind when picturing  my imaginary bride. She's on her way out of the church at the wedding day.

It does look nice and delicate but... a bit scary too.