Pink Elephant

Acrylics on canvas

Rioda © 2021 All Rights Reserved

Everybody likes this pink elephant.

This canvas wasn't meant for an elephant from the get go though. Glad it ended this way.


Biomechanical Figure With Roses

Pencil on paper, photo and digital editing

Rioda © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Can machines be romantic?

I bet that in a near future  they'll be.

I'm wondering which kind of celebrations they will  have for Valentine's Day .

Mechanical flowers or some natural alternative?


High resolution print

Lynk © 2012 All Rights Reserved

Nature+human body+machine=


But it's spinning 'round and 'round...

Under Construction

Under Construction

Veiled Egyptian-looking Rastalady

Markers, acrylics, newspapers on recycled paperboard

Rioda © 2018 All Rights Reserved

 A special person deserves a special present.

What a better occasion than  moving into a new apartment to make a  colourful  new creatition?

And  there you go: a sorta ethnical-looking portrait celebrating all women in the world and their power.     


Acrylic paint and markers on canvas

Rioda © 2017 All Rights Reserved

Sometimes life is just so tangled up in events, encounters, duties, escapes, sensations, looks, moments, feelings....that I can barely breathe.

I reckon that all this reflects on my personal approach to painting and making art.

Well, at least plenty of happenings means plenty of colours!

Charming Biomechanical Figure

Pencil on paper, photo and digital editing

Rioda © 2014 All Rights Reserved

This character must be something coming out of my mind when picturing  my imaginary bride. She's on her way out of the church at the wedding day.

It does look nice and delicate but... a bit scary too.