Organic Apple

Pencils and markers on recycled paperboard

Rioda © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Organic or not organic...?

The fact is that roughly all fruits or veggie on our tables are involved in the mechanized process of mass production. Most of the time that includes the so called organic products as well.

Did fruits and vegetables turn into mechanical objects already?

Under Construction

Urban Jungle

Acrylics and markers on paper

Rioda © 2019 All Rights Reserved

Isn't it a bit silly to put some sort of smartish comment under every single artwork I post here?

Well, it is yes.

Allright, I'll be doing that anyway, who knows... perhaps someone's interested in my messy comments. Urban Jungle? That's simply the result of me being back in the chaotic city of Milan, and wanting to express that somehow.

Biomechanical Lady Wearin' a Veil

Pencil on paper, photo and digital editing

Rioda © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Is the human mind more complicated than a pattern on a fabric?


The human mind is more unpredictable for sure tho.

A display of deep emotions may come from the coldest and most sterile human products.

A 21st Century Tarpon

Acrylics and markers on canvas

Rioda © 2019 All Rights Reserved

This early example of a developing species can be found swimming in the depth of the most polluted ponds and rivers on earth .

Soon this new breed will take over the local fauna .

Robotic fishes made of junk ...can you believe it?

Oh yes, it's the natural process of evolution shaping animals' features according to  the local environment.


Biomechanical Monk Meditating

Pencil on paper, photo and digital editing

Rioda © 2013 All Rights Reserved

Can an artist juggle his work among different creative fields such as architecture, photography, graphic design, animation, fashion?

If so, would he be able to keep a clear, coherent,  unique message  in all his art?


 Acrylics and markers on canvas

Rioda © 2017 All Rights Reserved

Such a variety of people and personalities living on this planet...

It would be amazing if we can all live together righteously and respectful of each other needs.

Instead, most of the time  it's just hate that populates humans' ralationships.

I'm trying to put a touch of colour in all this mess...

Recycled in Red

Acrylic paint and markers on recycled canvas

Rioda © 2019 All Rights Reserved

Can you see a clockwork face here?

You say that you actually spotted two?

Maybe three? 

Well, the truth is that there are no faces, only clusters of junk that your mind is trying to rationalize into somenthing familiar.

Ah, the human mind: what a piece of work, ain't it?