Fabric Lady With Contact Ball

Pencil on paper, photo and digital editing

Rioda © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Art is like an oven, it can really warm everything up.

When I take the pencil my body switches on, so does my fantasy.

Fabric Juggler

Magazine cover

Rioda © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Can an artist juggle his work among different creative fields such as architecture, photography, graphic design, animation, fashion?

If so, would he be able to keep a clear, coherent,  unique message  in all his art?

Biomechanical Monkey Man

Pencil on lucid paper, photo and digital editing

Rioda © 2014 All Rights Reserved

As  we are  turning to be more and more mechanized, animals are living an even more cruel process: in fact their existences are mere parts of the humans' food industry.

The meat supply chain has to carry on, no time for ethics anyway.

Pumpkin Penetration

Markers and acrylics on canvas

Rioda © 2017 All Rights Reserved

Besides  a good looking pumpkin, with this piece I was trying to  represent how much veggies and fruits are part of a mechanized process of mass production.

It's actually more of a remider: when you think of eating all "healthy and natural", with your carrots and mangos...well, think again...

Is there anything really NATURAL left  to buy?

A Pink Giraffe

Markers and acrylics on canvas

Rioda © 2018 All Rights Reserved

Robotic animals are starting to kick in aye!

Check out what Boston Dynamics is doing these days...simply astonishing.

It does seem that the future's around the corner.

Well, I definitely feel less crazy now in imagining  colourful, robotic animals buzzing around.

In a sort of not-so-improabable fallout future, we might find ourselves in need of robotic pets to make us feel  a little less lonely.

Wearing a Clockwork Coat

Pencil on paper, photo and digital editing

Rioda © 2014 All Rights Reserved

3D clothes are already a reality.

Well, in the future there'll be the need by the machines to have their own outfits.

I'm wondering which kind of taste in clothing they might have.


Digital drawing

Rioda © 2012 All Rights Reserved

It's nice to see how sometimes simple things are so appreciated.

Simple things are also the best looking ones most of the time.


Let's dive into it.

The World is in Flames

Digital painting

Rioda © 2017 All Rights Reserved

"We stand right here by the abyss and the World is in flames"

I got inspired by these couple of bars from Ghost and in a blink of an eye...ta-da:

my lady and I are blessed on a rooftop,

contemplaiting both wonders and madness

of the human beings.