(Source: Technopolis, Unknown planet)

Rioda, is a contemporary visual artist, photo/videographer and digital media expert.

His works explore the relationship between humans and modern technology, addressing contemporary themes such as desensibilization, nichilism, spirituality and nature.

Rioda was born in Milan, Italy.

Passionated about art and technology from an early age, Rioda spends his childhood and teenage checking the world around studying, training, experimenting, meditating and developing his skills.

After a successful academic career, Rioda builds a strong experience collaborating with many prestigious clients as well as a freelancer in both Europe (Italy, Denmark, Sweden) and Australia.

At the moment he is capable of working in several fields, spacing from communication, technology, education and digital platforms.

In fact, Rioda's art encompasses a wide range of media, including hand and digital drawing,

painting, photography, printmaking, motion graphics, animation and video.